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What am I missing?


What am I missing?

Hi All

What I have
A Mac and Windows XP machine both connected to a wireless router via ethernet cables.Both connecting to internet with out any problems.

What I am trying to do
Connect a third Windows XP laptop via wireless.

What is happening is that having installed the drivers and wireless card into the laptop I find it will connect to the interent without any difficulty,however when it is up and running one or both of the other machines cannot connect,switch the wireless connected laptop off and the only way I can get the ethernet XP machine to connect again is to restart it.

Am I correct in assuming that it is an IP address problem,as both XP machines are set up with DHCP enabled and set to "get IP address automatically",and is possably sorted out when the ethernet connected machine is restarted which is perhaps where I am going wrong.

My Mac is set as IP address and subnet mask
Do I therefore have to turn off "Get IP address automatically" in XP and manually set the other 2 machines to IP address and 192.168.0102 for example with the same subnet mask?

Hope I have explained what is happening OK

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What am I missing?

From what you saying there does seem to be a network conflict with the laptop and desktop, i would suggest assigning a manual ip for each machine and see if this solves the problem.

Hope this helps.