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Webcam with Yahoo Messenger


Webcam with Yahoo Messenger

Hi there,

I have a wireless connection and for obvious security reasons, I have switched on the firewall setttings on my Linksys router, so as the firewall protection in MacOSX and also have Netbarrier installed.

Could someone please tell me the fact that when I allow my buddies to link up to my webcam, they can never establish any connection and as a result see no image being beamed from my webcam is all because of my firewall protection?
If so, please tell me what I need to do to rectify it without removing all the protections all together?

Thanks a lot.


Webcam with Yahoo Messenger

In each of your software and hardware firewalls you can try to set up a couple of port forwarding rules (inbound/outbound allow) for the webcam TCP port and Yahoo remote webcam server. Details are:

Webcam Connection:
Protocol: TCP
Port: 5100