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Web cam trouble


Web cam trouble

Could anyone out there help me with this small problem please? I have a web cam set up (Digital Camera) and pictures go down the phone line great. The problem is no sound, I have an home (private) network where both pics and sound work but when I go though the router to the outside world no sound. I use messenger 6 and have a firewall by McAfee, op sys XP. I used the wizard to tune both pics and sound and both worked like I said until I call out. Any ideas, or anyone had the same problem that can help. :roll: Regards Dave
ps. I cant receive sound either.
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Web cam trouble

What version of MSN messenger do you have - the full version 6.x.x.x not just 6?

Have you checked to see if there is an update?

It is possible your firewall or router is blocking the sound but having never used messenger I can't help with the ports you may need to open for it to work.

Try this forum and post a message if you can't find an answer:

Note include all details including firewall and ADSL hardware you are using.