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Wake on LAN


Wake on LAN

Does anyone know of any good WoL utilities.
I have been using a GUI client, downloaded from

The utility works fine over the LAN, but if I'm outside I can't get it to work.

I'm using a Vigor2600 Plus ADSL router, with a VPN server built in. If I VPN in, the WoL still won't work to the internal IP addresses.

Any advice?

Wake on LAN

I've solved the problem.

The routers don't usually directly support WoL packets - even over VPN. So I've upgraded to a beta firmware which has a wol command built in. You can telnet into it and issue a wol command directly from it.
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Wake on LAN

Well done Davien,
It's nice to see someone solving a problem and then telling us how they did it.
Might help others in the future.

Cheers. Cheesy