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Wake on LAN


Wake on LAN

Hi, I'm another newbie to ADSL. I did a search on a few forums but couldn't see an answer so here goes....

I have recently come over from BTYahoo dialup. I have now added an Origo 8400 router and a Lynksys 10/100 card to my PC setup. I had no trouble setting it all up and have no problems with connection or speeds but have noticed that the computer now occasionally boots itself up at about 5.30am!! I assume this must be something to do with "wake on lan". I've noticed that the LAN light stays on on the router when I switch off the PC.

Where should I be looking to prevent this happening, in the router / lan card set up or the motherboard / bios?

I am running Windows ME with an Athlon XP2000 on a Gigabyte motherboard. AVG anti virus, Agnitum Outpost (had problems with ZA a few years ago so ditched it) Spybot and AdAware.

Wake on LAN

WOL (wake on lan) can have one of two possible triggers.

1: Magic packer
Specific data desatined for that specific machines, that tells it to boot up or come out of sleep mode

2: Activity sensor
Dectects activity and causes the system to boot (your cause most likely).

There is two further caused to this.
1: Computer has a timer in the BIOS that tells it to make at that time of day
2: A fault in the BIOS firmware.

All of these settings can usualy be changed from the BIOS, under power managment area.

wake on LAN

Just as follow up to this.

I firstly tried disabling WOL in the bios but after a couple of days the PC booted itself up again at 4AM.

The next step was go into the ethernet card properties where I found the "magic packets" mentioned in the reply to the original post. I disabled everything and now many weeks later I still have broadband and get a full nights sleep! Cheesy