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Voyager 205 and Draytek 2200E - connection problem


Voyager 205 and Draytek 2200E - connection problem

I've used the ethernet connection to connect the Voyager 205 (1 port Ethernet ADSL modem) to the WAN (public) side of my Dratek 2200E firewall. My LAN (private) network is on I've set the Voyager to be DCHP server on its LAN side giving out addresses, starting from I've also set the Draytek WAN side to be DCHP client.

In theory - all's well. However, the Draytek wan log shows that there is DCHP request going out but it gets back a NAK Xid from the Voyager. Consequently, it sppears it can't obtain a DHCP address. replacing the Draytek with a laptop (set to DCHP client) and it acquires the address fine.

I then set the Draytek to use a fixed IP of No log error entries or anything.

In both cases (DCHP or fixed) I can't contact anything in the network from the network. This means I can't administer the Voyager through its Web interface and presumably can't see the internet either Wink

Any ideas what I could/should start looking at here before I resort to percussive surgery?

Cheers all,


Voyager 205 and Draytek 2200E - connection problem

A bit more info I forgot :

WinXP tracert fails to report anything for address in the network.
Ping responds to only. No response from
In the Draytek, the Gateway is set to when using fixed IP.



Voyager 205 and Draytek 2200E - connection problem

Okay - need to hit the save button on the Voyager to save setting. Doh Wink

PlusNet tec support suggested using the built in firewall on the Voyager and bypassing the Draytek completely. Done this and it now works well.

Anyone got a high building I can throw the Draytek off?

Cheers to PlusNet support - great bunch of people.