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Voyager 205 Modem Settings


Voyager 205 Modem Settings

How can I turn OFF the DHCP service on my Voyager 205 ADSL Modem/Router.

I am actually trying to establish a VPN between two locations and I have two routers working on my network. One is Voyager205 and the other is Netgear FVS318 router/firewall. When I try to setup the VPN service in my Netgear router, it doesn't recognize my static IP address which was provided by Plus Net. It gets another IP address instead which is provided by Voyager205. And because of this situation I am unable to setup my Netgear routers in my both offices.

Somebody please help me out.

Voyager 205 Modem Settings


did you manage to solve this problem? i am doing something similar, except i only have the voyager 205 modem and want it to show a wan static ip on the lan side so that the vpn can pick it up.

Any ideas, or how did you solve it?



Voyager 205 Modem Settings

You dont make it very clear how you are trying to set this up and 2 routers makes it hard to work out.
I assume the 205 connects to the net and the netgear connect to it?

Lets assume your static ip by plus net is the wan sid eof the 205 will have that ip and the lan side(the bit that connect to the netgear) will have a differnet range all together like what you have to do is forward the ports for the vpn from the 205 to the netgear. So you set your vpn to connect to this is forwarded to the of the netgear and it all works ok)so is the theory).

You cant get the netgear to have the ip set by plus net as the 205 has got it. the port forwarding just makes it apear as though it is the netgear