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Virtual Private Network


Virtual Private Network

I am currently in the process of overhauling and upgrading my home/office network. I would like to add VPN functionality to the network, so that I can access files stored on my server (which is going to be running SME server) or any of my PCs, from my laptop when connected using the college network, or if I am away (for example, using a hotel internet connection on my laptop).

How would I be best doing this? Would I be best setting up a dedicated box to act as a VPN server/gateway? Or is there a way of getting SME to do this for me?

The laptop will be running XP Pro dualbooting with FC4.

A useful feature would be the ability to print remotely, i.e. to send a document to one of my home printers from the laptop when working from college - but I am not sure whether this would be feasable or not?

Any help help would be greatly appreciated!

Many thanks
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Virtual Private Network

You should be able to use SME Server, as the end point for your VPN.

Take a look at these sites;


Virtual Private Network

Thanks Chilly Cheesy

I have now joined the contribs forums, so that I can ask for support as I come to try and set it all up!

Virtual Private Network

A simpler way may be to run terminal Server for the connection. This lets you work on the server as if you were sat in front of it which means you can print locally or to work. It also means you can copy files etc.

You can even connect from a dialup like a hotel connect to the server and go on the internet at ADSL speeds via the server and it realy works well.