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Vigor 2200X Router


Vigor 2200X Router

Is anyone sufficiantly familiar with the Vigor 2200X ISDN/router or similar units to answer a question for me.

My situation....... I have a PowerMac G4 on the way,have BT Home Highway,and the prospect of broadband in a couple of months time.On the surface this looks like an ideal solution as I can then apply for a HH>BB conversion,and use ISDN till then,but what I cannot seem to find out is what if anything needs to go into the computer to use the ISDN facility of the 2200X,or is it all done through the ethernet port?
as it would seem that internal ISDN cards are rather rare for Macs unlike Windows machines,

Ian & Linda Jordan

Vigor 2200X Router

All router are the same in priciple its doesnt matter if its adsl or isdn. Put simply the router will have an ip on the internal network and that is used as the deafault gateway for the local pc's.

So if the router is set to have an ip of subnett (you normal telnet onto the router and set this) then your local pc's are set to subnett the dns is set to +nets dns and the default gateway is set to the router ie and away we go.

The best thing about this is when you change to adsl you only have to change the new router and you dont have to change anything on the pc's. There is nothing to put into the pc as long as you have a NIC.