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Video to DVD

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Video to DVD

My wife and I have a large collection of video's and these take up a lot of room. I'm looking to transfer these to dvd and puttiing the orginal video's in box's in the loft............

Can anyone advise me on how to transfer the video's to dvd...

I have one pc with a GF TI4600 graphics card............

A sony DVP NS-300 dvd player

Can anyone tell me what cables/software I would need.

Many thanks

Video to DVD

You need a video capture card, most of them come with software to allow you to edit and the burn the finished product to DVD.

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Video to DVD

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Video to DVD


To get started you need VHS player, analogue to digital (A/D) convertor, PC, video editing software (optional), DVD burning software, DVD burner.

See for one possible solution and also

You might also want to look at stuff to create jewel case inserts and DVD labels. ... but that's another adventure.

I've used neither myself as I do my video work using a MAC.

Good luck!


Video to DVD

A simple cheap way is to get a tv card. This will let you play the video and whatch it on the pc. Most cards let you capture the movie as well, if you have svideo out on you video then et one that takes svideo in as you will get a better picture. Having captured it you then need a DVD writer and software like nero to write it.

Unless its rare or personel its cheape to buy the dvd