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Video Compression / reliability


Video Compression / reliability


Have a quick question for you based upon a couple of problems i am having with a judging decision.

Basically someone has videoed an event where speed is critical - then they have ripped the video into a WMV format from their camcorder. My question is this: How reliable can the timing of this video be - e.g. can the Frames Per Second be relied upon?

I would appreciate if anyone knows an answer to this and if possible any way i can back this up or check the timings etc...??

Cheers - Chris

Video Compression / reliability

No. Every electronic device is different.

There are two problems

1: Analogue capture rates are more inacurate than digital
2: Digital to analogue conversion makes things more inaccurate again.

I can't quote anything legal or referance matterial, however, one path to follow is that the software and/or hardware used did not have a speed calibration certificate.