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Very Slow Linux Hard Disk Performance

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Registered: 26-06-2007

Very Slow Linux Hard Disk Performance

Looking for some answers as to why my Linux servers Hard Disk is slowing to a crawl. I'm mostly using the Linux Server as a File Server (Web/LAN) and as a Router/Firewall.
Up until this last month or so the system has worked perfectly. Its been running since summer 2003 without any problems.
But now the system is totally unresponsive at times when accessing files larger then around 5mb. It just takes forever to copy or open them.
I'm fairly certain the problem is just related to the Hard Disk. Running applications is fine.. once they are loaded.
The hard disk is about 85% full if thats any help.

Any thoughts on whats causing this slowdown?


OS: Suse Linux 8.2 Pro
Athlon XP 1800+
512Mb of memory
Western Digital 7200rpm 8MB Cache 120GB drive.