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VPN for a beginner


VPN for a beginner

Hi everyone,

I'm a manager of a community centre (ie. - low budget, no IT department!!)

I've just got a new system at home that runs Win XP (pro), the same as the computers at our Community Centre (3 pc's networked via a rooter, all using Win XP pro). I want to set up a VPN so that I can access the centre's computers whilst I'm at home - but HOW??

The Centre and I are both on broadband with Plusnet -

I've looked at the Microsoft knowledge base but their's not enough info for someone who needs a step-step description of what to do. Does anyone know of a site that does this, or can anyone help!!


A confused community work

Matt Barnes
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VPN for a beginner

One site that may be of use is How stuff works which covers more than just VPN.

At the end of the VPN section there are links to other VPN tutorials / resources that may be of help.

But for software have a look at and search for VPN or have a look at Tight VNC.

Another option is to try a search for VPN at Google which throws up over 6 million results for VPN.

Hope this helps