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VISTA internet connect howto please


VISTA internet connect howto please

I would be grateful for some really basic instruction on connecting to the internet through an ethernet cable to my modem using VISTA.

As a Linux user, in Debian I just typed in three addresses and job done.

I have circulated through the VISTA wizard hell of setting up VPN, static IPs, etc etc, but it just won't work for me. (The conncetion works fine in Linux, so it is not a hardware issue.). Obviously I am missing something really basic. Having been forced to pay for the link:censored as part of the laptop package, it would be nice to see what it does.

BTW where is the console box in VISTA - could not even try ping.

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VISTA internet connect howto please

To start the console click on Start, then type "cmd" in the "Start Search" box and it'll open a command window for you. This can then be used for NS lookups, pings and tracerts to diagnose your problem.

If your router utilises DHCP then the wired connection should work right out of the box, worth copying the results of
ipconfig /all

To see what's going on with your network card(s).

Presumably you're using a straight-through cable and not a crossover?

VISTA internet connect howto please

Thanks - that did the trick.

I guess I got some idea of how Linux newbies feel. Windows is so hard :-)

I use static IP so that could have been the first mis-step. The connection worked fine in Linux. The first thing I did with my new laptop was load Debian so at least I could carry on working.

Thanks again for the help.