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Using Linux to connect via usbnet. (ethernet over USB)


Using Linux to connect via usbnet. (ethernet over USB)


I'm a bit stuck. :?
I'm trying to connect to a USB gadget over USB using ethernet. The device in question is a small prototyping board with processor which is running Linux and running a DHCP client. The host is running Red Hat linux (not sure of the version off hand). The only info I have from the manufactuer is as follows (the waysmall refered to is the USB device that I'm trying to connect to):


Networking is configured to try and automatically establish a connection over usbnet if the waysmall is connected to a host via USB. A DHCP client is bound to the usbnet interface on the waysmall side, so if you are running DHCP on the USB host, or on a bridged network, the waysmall should get an IP address and other information automatically, and be able to talk to the network. If you don't want to use DHCP, but wish to hard-code an IP address, then you'll need to edit the network startup scripts in /etc/init.d/S40network and /etc/network/interfaces accordingly.

This isn't really a lot of help to me as I have zero experience in this. I know I need to run a DHCP server on the Linux box and I need some way to get the linux box to check the USB ports for attached network devices so it can assign an IP. That's my understanding but I'm a bit stumped of where to begin.

If anyone has any experience in this and can point me in the direction of some web resource on this then I'd be delighted.