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User document folder structure on XP Home


User document folder structure on XP Home

Not a 'computer/hardware' question, but I'll give it a go!

First time user of XP Home.

Created user - 'Trevor' (I only have one user on my pc).
Computer created file 'Trevor's Documents', (at least I dont remember creating it)

Can't save a document when using 'save as' into 'Trevor's Documents' (the folder doesn't appear in the window) - am guided into CCheesyocuments and Settings/Trevor/My Documents - but if I look in 'Trevor's Documents' via windows explorer after saving in CCheesyocuments and Settings/Trevor/My Documents, exactly the same files are in both places and if you delete one they both disappear.

If I create a file in 'Trevor's Documents' also appears in CCheesyocuments and Settings/Trevor/My Documents.

Is this normal. Is everyone's set-up like this.
What is the logic behind this.
Should these folders be used for different things.
Why can't I save a new document in 'Trevor's Documents'.
If I've done something wrong in the initial set-up, how do I put it right.
Does it matter.


User document folder structure on XP Home

They are one and the same folder!

Trevor's Documents = C:\Documents and Settings\Trevor\My Documents

And yes, it's perfectly normal!