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Unable to connect to Windows Domain behind Router/Firewall

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Unable to connect to Windows Domain behind Router/Firewall

Between myself and the local MS Active Directory domain I've placed a Suse Linux box to act as a Firewall/Server. In order for traffic to pass through my Suse machine I've enabled routing. Everything appears to work fine, Web/E-mail etc. However for some reason I'm unable to connect to the local domain now.
After reading some documents on Microsoft website about Firewalls. I've opened all the client ports recommended. These all appear to be outbound ports as nothing inbound was specified. Still though I'm unable to sign into the domain.

Anyone know whats happening? :roll:



Unable to connect to Windows Domain behind Router/Firewall

We need mor einfo. The firewall should be at the Internet connection and everything should be behind the firewall. You should have a firewall between your own pc's and the server(I assume thats what you have).

We need to more about the setup like are you using a adsl router, are you using nat, are the pc's all on the same ip range? The main thing is what ports have you forwarded and what services are you using. You could need lots of ports opening ie dns,dhcp, time, netbios, terminal server and uncle tom cobbly and all.

When you say you cant connect is this with any service or just some? Can you connect via IP ie net use p:\\ip address\sharename ?

Are you getting eny errors?