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USB 2.0 Hub


USB 2.0 Hub

I have an Evesham Voyager laptop with an AMD Athlon 64 3200+ running Windows XP Pro.

I also have a Q-Tec 4 port powered USB 2.0 hub which, when the computer is up and running, works OK. All the devices connected to it work correctly.

However when I start the laptop with the hub connected the very first POST screen appears for less than one second, the computer beeps and the screen goes blank, again for less than 1 second. The first Post screen appears for less than one second and round and round it goes. Once I remove the hub the computer starts correctly. If I then reconnect the hub , as I said earlier, everything works OK.

It has been suggested that there must be a short circuit in the hub.

Any ideas?

many thanks.

USB 2.0 Hub

This happend with me but on my pc and with a different usb device. I used an xbox action reply thing and it connectes 2 ur pc via usb and when eva it was on it got 2 bios screen and never went past it. Not sure why it does that though
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USB 2.0 Hub

If the hub works normally when you plug it in after powering up the laptop then it is unlikely to be a short circuit.

It is more likely to be a BIOS /POST bug/problem where it does not handle the fact that a USB device is connected when it powers up. This sometimes happens with certain devices and will require a BIOS fix to allow it to power up properly with that device connected.

Check your manufacturers website for an update BIOS or if they have a support contact method (email, forum etc) report the problem to them including full details of the USB hub.