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URGENT: Access and another app


URGENT: Access and another app

Can anyone help.

I have an access database with a couple of thousand records in it ... :shock:

problem is i need to type one of the fields values into a data entry window for another application putting an enter between each record ... e.g.

In Access (data from a query)

12345 XYZ Corp TYPE1
34293 SDJK Corp TYPE2

And this needs to come out as ...


Can anyone give me a clue as to how i can do this asap - i need to type it 5 times into different programs in the other app. :x And i cant do a cut / paste!

Is there any way i can use a sendkeys macro? or some VBA code?

Any help greatly appreciated...

URGENT: Access and another app

What's the other App?
What format does it want the data in?
Can it import data from an external source if necessary?

What you're asking doesn't seem too hard to do, a bit of VBA in the query should be the most you would need to be able to strip out all data you don't want.

Bearing in mind here that I know a bit of VB not Access VBA.



URGENT: Access and another app

We need more info of what you are doing and what access etc you are using> I have just got the new office 2003 and that now does XML which may be the way forward for what you want.

URGENT: Access and another app

quite simply the application (JDEdwards) requires me to TYPE in the fields by hand - i am currently running Access 2002 (XP).

There is no importing in any form into the dialog box.

Appreciate any help you can give.

URGENT: Access and another app

So you can't copy from a text file, egenerated from a export query, then paste it in?

If you can't paste, then you might not have that much luck.

If an edit control does not have the ability to paste, then it may be a custom one.

If, however, you can switch too the other app, and then tab your way to the control, then it may be possible using sendkeys.

However, sendkeys are prone to accidental use. One slip of the mouse or hittin the keyboard, and you can wreck a document.


I just though i would update you all with the solution that i found to the problem with entering the data into the data entry box.

Firstly it was NOT possible in any way to paste/export/import etc... the data into the text box ... SO...

The solution i found was a little program called Macro Express (search for it on Google) which basically read a text file exported from the access database and typed each item individually into the data selection box. It also does lots of other fancy stuff too and it ended up being copied around pretty much everyone in our team - almost did me out of a job for a while there :lol:

This proggy is bloody good if i do say so myself and all i need now is to find a key :?