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Two questions


Two questions

1) when i received my laptop it was partitioned by 50%.
Is it possible to move some of the hard drive space that is free on the unused partition to increase the size that my operating system on?
If so how?

2) I am considering installing Vista on one of my comps to try it out, but I do not want to use it as my main op system, I am fairly confident at installing it on a free hard drive but any tips or assistance would be appreciated.


Two questions

1) the other 50% is a restore image that the company you bought it from put on there incase your install dies. You can of course just remove it and use the full disk, however you will loose the factory restore settings.-- use partiton magic of Fdisk to remove the partion (or just do it from the admin area.

2) unplug your main drive (so not to break the MBR) and proceed to install vista on the other one, once all installed, plug in your main drive and edit boot.ini (c:\boot.ini -- its a hidden file) to add the new install to a boot menue.