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Tunnel Adapter.


Tunnel Adapter.

A strange thing has appeared when I do ipconfig /all in a command prompt.

I used to simply see my NIC details but now for some reason I have details of a "Tunnel adapter Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface"

What on earth is this?

Screen capture here

Any help appreciated.

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Tunnel Adapter.

It relates to Microsofts new IPv6
See They even have an overview of Toredo.
To uninstall goto:
Network Properties of the Network Card/Adaptor you are using and you will see where it says TCP/IP protocol above this you should see Microsoft IPv6 just click on and unistall but its really not necassary.

It is sometimes installed with SP1 and other Windows Updates.

Tunnel Adapter.

Thanks for that.

I see IPV6 has appeared after doing the SP2 Critical Update yesterday!

Anyway it has gone now.

Cheers Peter,