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Travan tape question

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Travan tape question


My friends Seagate Travan 10/20 tape drive has given up, we need to extract some of the data from the tape for Monday, I use Travan tapes drives at work but they are different capacities e.g. 20/40 and 7/14

Will I be able to use the drives at work for pulling of the data safely?

Many thanks.........
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Travan tape question

In most cases tape drives that write at higher capacities can usually read the lower capacity carts so it's worth a try. Just make sure you write protect the cart before reading just in case.

However it may depend on the make/manufacturer of your drive as you can't always read a tape written by another manufacturers drive. I.e. if yours is a segate drive you may be ok, if it's not it may have problems. Also the compression method used by the hardware of the drive may differ between manufactures. Travan defines the tape format, not how data is necessarily written.

It also depends on the software used for writing and what you have for reading. If it's the same software you may be OK, if it's different, yours may not recognise the format used by the other software.

The only way to find out is to try it I'm afraid.