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Totally Freaky


Totally Freaky

Last night I witnessed something totally bizare freaky if someone had tried tellin me this I would have laughed.

Been fixin mates pc (upgrade) installed pc in her house fine was working fine except her phone would'nt work no dial tone disconected modem wire phone worked, pc is 6ft from socket, phoned friend to enquire about possible causes for phone not working turned the pc on the phone went dead (not connected to modem)turn pc off phone works....with no physical link to the pc from the bt socket how the hell does turning the pc on kill the phone....incedently the modem is now fried.
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Totally Freaky

So the PC is not connected to the phone socket in any way, yet the phone dies when the PC is switched on? Bizarre indeed.

I would suggest trying the following to try to narrow it down.

1. Does the PC have a wireless card? If so switch it off.

2. Try a different phone in the same socket.

3. Try moving the PC further away (if practical).

4. Try another appliance in the same mains socket.

It has to be either interference between PC and phone, a faulty phone, faulty mains or telephone wiring. You will have to keep changing things to see what affects what.