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Throttling the D/Load speeds online.


Throttling the D/Load speeds online.

As happy as I am with my ISP, I am sick of not being able to visit certain sites. i.e. for the joy of d/loading movies and music on the P2P network.
This is because (after reading 43 pages of forum discussion on the easynews site about plus net) plus net deem these types of sites as low priority, and the service they provide, which I pay for, as no priority.
If I can actually get in to the page, login and start a search this happens.
Example: one song, 2.5 Mb,MP3 file, local, time to download: 2 - 3 hours at a speed of 40Bytes p/s. That's right, 40 BYTES, not KBytes, BYTES.
I've tried the support team and I got a scripted reply giving Billy The Novice here, jargon and excuses.For example, time of day. I don't think 2am is a high peak time, I though it was between 4pm and midnight with a higher speed at other times, and my connection speed has dropped from 2.2 meg to 1.4 in a week.
I'm not really that happy at all, is anyone else experiencing the same problems?
Is the support team reading these messages? Cry
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Throttling the D/Load speeds online.

Hi there,

Yep I have notice this too, for several months actually, but its one of those things that I know I can't change and I have accepted it now.
I have heard tales of (through another PN customer), that a friend of his just started with PN (in the past 2 months or so), and that she (new customer) DOESN'T, suffer this speed scheduling...Interesting perhapsHuh


Throttling the D/Load speeds online.

welcome to plusnet,the throttling ISP for P2P.
find yourself a wall and slowly bang your head against it.

to be fair things have gone from bad to worse since just before xmas and i really dont bother anymore D/L.plusnet have taken the fun out of the internet for me.

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Have the same problem; OK in the early hours otherwise it is painfull, noticeable since December.
Also in January my router was connecting at 4800 kbps but I was only able to download at 1mbps; what the h**l is going on!
Roll on May when I can get out of this contract without paying them any monthly compensation.
The worse thing I ever did was leaving Claranet.