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TV/Video card wanted


TV/Video card wanted

I want a tv card for the computer that receives the normal bbc and itv channels. Freeview is irrelevant as it's not available here, and I don't want Sky.

I want to able to record and time shift.

I also want to be able to import from my 8mm analogue camcorder.

Mpeg2 would be good, Mpeg4 better.

I am not bothered whether it's USB or PCI, or even AGP - my video card is a few years old now and won't play the latest 3d games.

My budget would be up to £100 for a tv only card or up to £200 for a combined card.

I have looked at the usual IT sites dabs, ebuyer, aria etc but I am still confused about all the various models available.

Suggestions/advice please.

TV/Video card wanted

tomshardware has a review of some, chekc it out
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TV/Video card wanted


I have this and it have good reviews and is cheap (i have the MCE version which also have a AM/FM radio) but mine was damaged so i am sending it back. I have been told that the 500 version is even better for about 150 pounds (has 2 tv tuners so you can watch one and record another)...