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TFT Monitors

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TFT Monitors

Hi all

I'm looking for a TFT monitor to go with my new workstation (SuSE 8.2) and
the server (also SuSE 8.2) via a KVM. My only real preference is that it
must be 17" or greater at a reasonable price.

My choices so far are the LG L1710B, Philips 170B4MG (both 339.99) or the
Iiyama Prolite E431S (321.95). All of these are both analog and DVI input.
The only real differences I can find are:

LG Philips Iiyama
Brightness 250 cd/m2 260 cd/m2 250 cd/m2
Contrast 450:1 400:1 450:1
Response 16ms <25ms 16ms

The Philips also has the tilt screen (probably only supported under windows)
and some height adjustment. The LG does not have audio (not really required)

I don't have a problem paying for any although the Philips I can get on 0%
credit which is always a bonus.

Does anyone have any of these and can offer opinions. I can'd find many
reviews / opinions relating to the Philips or the Iiyama, but plenty on the
LG all of which are good.



TFT Monitors

I can't offer any opininions on the monitors you name, but I can suggest that if you decide to purchase the LG L1710B you may want to consider buying it from Shop Internet, where you purchase from Amazon, and ShopInternet give 5% of their profit to charity!

LG L1710B at ShopInternet
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TFT Monitors

I can throughly recommend the Samsung SyncMaster 151s, which does have a tilt feature (and software to make it work) no speakers £221 (from J Lewis)

There's a 152 (I think) that does have speakers, but costs more of course, the tilt screen is magic if you spend a lot of time in A4 portrait view where you can see most of the whole page almost life size, takes a little getting used to, but great when you do.
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go with the LG - i have just got one at home and use it for a range apps from the standard to 3d CAD and it is great ... totally reccomend it.

email me if you want more praise about it.

tft monitors

Check out a site like ebuyer they have a comprehensive list of tft monitors along with user reviews. Unless you are desperate to have one now, i would suggest that you wait a few months prices are coming down as there is a world glut of them (apparently)