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Sync two PC's AND one mobile phone??


Sync two PC's AND one mobile phone??


I have a Nokia 6230 and use Nokia PC Suite to sync my contacts, calendar etc from Microsoft Outlook.

Does anybody know the answer to the below scenario perhaps. Just want to be sure it'll work before I try it....

I have two laptops; one for personal, one for business.

For the calendar, I would like to sync between my mobile and personal laptop, which I do now......but is it possible to then sync this with another laptop?
So I can have an up to date calendar on two laptops, and on my mobile...

I would update the info in the calendar in either one of these three devices.

Or would I just experience conflicts...................?
Would the synchronisation get confused?

Any help is appreciated

Sync two PC's AND one mobile phone??

It depends which outlook you are using and how its used. If you are using a PST file all you need to do is copy the pst over to the other pc and open it in outlook so you will have both pst file in outlook.

I dont see any reson that you cant sync the second pc as you do the first you can end up getting confused who is syncing with what. Thats why the pst file is safer as you keep your own pst and just open the other one you can then dragg files/messages across were you want them