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Strange Router problem


Strange Router problem

I wont go into the details as to why I am running a DSL modem router and a broadband router together but needless to say it was because of lack of functions in either one or other. The home PC's (3) connect to a 4 port USR 08000 router which then connects to a Etec 4 port modem/router via a WAN uplink port.
Anyway, since the "portal slowdown" was announced earlier this week (Sunday), access to any of PlusNet's internal services started to slow considerably and then started to give time outs, DNS errors and page errors. It was almost as if something was starting to "breakdown".
Just before the "fix" for the portal and FTP problems (Tuesday evening), I stopped being able to access any PlusNet services, Portal, Email, my Domain, FTP etc. However, I could still access any other web site, non PlusNet service and P2P services with no apparent problem. The "fix" for both slow Portal, Email, FTP etc has been completed by +Net but with the setup that worked before I still cannot access any +Net services or sites from any machine on my network.
Now the strange bit, remember that nothing has changed in my setup, which has run this way for 6 months or more. If I take out the USR Router and run the PC's directly into the ETec Modem/Router everything is fine. I can access +Net services, Email etc with no probs. If I put the USR back in the line, +Net is unavailable again.

Try and explain that.... , the Etec does all the DSL, NAT, DNS and WAN stuff, the USR only controls data between the PC's on the network and an uplink to the Etec. Why should it block my access to my ISP ?? I can access other peoples sites hosted on +Net.

Strange Router problem

For those who may be following this. I have now changed the USR router for a Unex one I had lying about. This has no problem accessing +Net services.
The USR router is now in "reset" and "discharge" mode, to see if any erroneous data was being held in memory.
Incidentally, the config for the USR and Unex Routers are set the same. Both have similar facilities. I preferred the USR as it looked better, the Unex is big, plastic and ugly.

Strange Router problem

For those who have read the previous threads and may have an interest.

The USR router was reset (both hard and soft) and allowed to stand for a week to try and make sure there was no erroneous data held in memory. It was then put back into the network and tested. Again, all sites except +Net portal, my domains and my email could be accessed.
A firmware upgrade was downloaded and applied (akin to doing a BIOS update), which would erase any data held in memory. The firmware update only addressed issues involving the built in print server uPNP service for the print server and RS232 port.
Result - it now works and accesses all sites and +Net services.

Conclusion = God knows what happened, why it happened and why it would not reset.
Lesson Learned = Don't always blame your ISP, BT, Microsoft or the neighbours cat. Stranger things can happen.

Strange Router problem

Good to hear.

While the upgrade may have not addressed issues inside the router function, it may have addressed timing problem elsewhere.

Timings and timeouts can improve quality elsewhere in a machine.

Don't be so quick to dis-prove the theory of your neighbours cat. THey get up to all sorts Tongue