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Strange Behaviour


Strange Behaviour

I have desktop shortcuts which are "Internet shortcuts", if any of you use firefox and use the extension "deskcut" then you will know what I mean.

Up until today when I clicked one of the internet shortcuts from my desktop, it will launch that site in my internet browser but now for some strange reason when I click the shortcut sygate says

"Run a DLL as an App (rundll32.exe) is being contacted from a remote machine ( using local port 2891 ( License Manager) do you want to allow this program to access the network?"

If I click yes then nothing happens.

If I turn my firewall off and click the internet shortcut then the "print" properties box appears asking me to print.

anyone know what is going on as this has left me baffled!

Thanks - John
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Strange Behaviour

Sorry can't help but sounds like windows being windows to me! On my main PC every now and then it will swap the icons around likes putting MSN on PDF's for some reason.

Strange Behaviour

You could be right, windows does a habit of acting strange, I will ignore it for now and see what happens.