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Spam problem


Spam problem

Hi, I am using windows xp, outlook espress 6 and avg free edition viris scanner.

My problem is SPAM. I keep receiving spam about Viagra etc, they all come from different addresses and I woul like to know how to stop them entering my mailbox. Please can anyone help me stop these Link:censored . I am receiving about 20 a day.


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Spam problem

Hi Mike

First could I ask you to remove the offensive word from your post Cheesy I am not sure that it was necessary.

There is very little that you can do to stop being Spammed, but there are a few things that will reduce the number of spam e-mails that you are forced to read.

Take a look at this link;

I personally would recommend changing to Thunderbird as your e-mail client and setting up Junk Mail Controls. They are not a wonder fix, they will take about two weeks to become effective. But they do cut down the volumes of spam that you are forced to read.

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Spam problem

Worth noting - "Windows Mail" in Vista has a built in spam filter (, and Outlook 2003/7 also has this facility.
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Spam problem

Also read this page

This could be a good way of blocking the spam as long they are sent to an address you can do without.