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Sound Ideas

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Sound Ideas

Hey guys,

I am currenlty playin a cool new game, but the i would rather listen to my music rather that the music from the game, however i still wana hear the sound fx.

Turning the music off in the game and running windoze media player does the trick, but thats too resource hungry when playing games.

I hope you have an idea of my problem by now, its no major biggy, but it would bee cool if i could listen to ian brown whilst building my citiies yet still hear the dudes shouting @ me and things blowin up an stuff.

My sounds comes out a pretty decent (if a lil old) PCI sound card (Terratec 512i Digital, if ur interested), and goes into the amp half of a good sony stereo, which in turn powers 2 full blown stereo speakers that do the busimess (from another stereo i got offa ebay, basicaly just for these speakers).

In the past i have had some rather interesting sound setups, i think i had like a PSone, VCR, TV, DVDplayer and stereo all interconnected, like sound of the stereo was even come back out the tv Tongue Anyway back to the point, i am sure some of you have got some kinda ideas that could help me out, and im open to any weird or wondeerful solutions.

I have got a plethora of sockets from surround outs on the soundcard im not gonna use, free line-in, and an optical port. There is another onboard soundcard i could pssobly use aswell (AC'97).

Also i will probably be wanting a new mp3/extremely portable usb drive, the last one i had bought years ago with 128Meg, but it charged itself when u pluged it into the usb, no batteries, it was rather obscure make but was ruddy excellent, it was an Ibead if anyone know of one which could beat thier latest 1gig one i would be very interested. Im still using it quite happily, although i would like a little more storage, i can squeeze 3hrs onto it which is sufficient, but i would like more choice sometimes because i kinda have to be carfule what i put on it these days incase i run outa space.

All advice, opinions, good/bad stories and ideas welcome.

Sound Ideas

1) use winamp -- uses like 1% resources
2) put headphones in one sound card and speakers in to the other, then play the music via one of them (set in the properties of winamp) and the music frmo the game in the other -- that way you can listen to both etc, Grin

Re: Sound Ideas

Turning the music off in the game and running windoze media player does the trick, but thats too resource hungry when playing games.

-- Edit ---
I also am recommending Winamp, was pipped to the post by buzzons :lol:
-- Edit ---

Try Winamp instead of WMP ( it uses about two thirds less resources when playing audio, currently on my system its using 8,888K (Mem usage) whereas WMP uses over 25,000K at times.

You should be able to just turn off the game music and leave everything else on the game such as the sound fx etc. I am not sure if this was what you already did or not, I kind of got lost when you started talking about 512i Digitals etc, dont know much about all that hehe.

Anyway, Winamp is a pretty good audio/video etc application with alot of functionality. Always used it and find it alot easier to use than WMP, hope this helps in someway even though I am not an audiophile Wink