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Something(s) a little more tricky this time!


Something(s) a little more tricky this time!

Well, I've managed to get my system working with SP2 and have installed (almost) all my programs back on my machine. However, a couple of strange things have happened.

First of all, in order to make more space on my hard drive, I tried Partition Magic 8. It merged two adjacent partitions as it should have but the (newly created by PMCool folder of the contents of the second (now non-existent) partition is unaccesible to me as an administrator! I can't open it or delete it and it is a read only folder. Its attributes can't be altered if you use the command window. However, System Mechanic can see inside it (duplicate files option) as can the Backup utility. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of this folder and its contents?

I would also be very grateful for any advice regarding the icons in the notification area (what used to be the SysTray in Win9Cool. Can anyone help? The icons that should appear seem to take turns in appearing! I have tried repeatedly to make them all appear by using the ‘Hide inactive icons’ check box and ‘Customize’ button in the ‘Taskbar and Start Menu Properties’ panel but to no avail. I have repeatedly, in desperation, removed and re-installed the software 'utility' programs that should put the icons into the notification area, but again with no effect.

Any help would be appreciated,

In desperation and frustration,

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Something(s) a little more tricky this time!

If you boot up using the Xp disk as though you were going to do an install then after it has gone through all the file loading bit it should show you whats on the hard drive and give you the options to remove partitions.
This should then allow you to remove the rogue partition and its adjacent one then create a new one with the space left. once that has been done press F8 to quit the install. and you should hve the bigger partition.

Dont forget to backup data first as it will be lost off the two partitions.

Can't help with why your icons are taking turns though. :?

Something(s) a little more tricky this time!

When you merge 2 partions PM moves all the files into a folder which it has done. You dont say which version of Xp you are using but if you right click on the folder you should get properties and then there should be a permisions tab.. If you dont get it choose folder option then view and untick simple file sharing.

You should then have the permisions folder you need to give yourself as admin full rights on the folder and subfolder.

Your icons should go away when not active and apear when they are active but you may need to click the < to make themm appear if you have a lot of them