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Solid State Drives

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Solid State Drives

OK. Have been thinking about this recently and would just like a few opinions.
I have Windows and all my software installed on a seperate disk to everything else. Have always done this on all my computers just incase Windows does its thing and I loose stuff.
Was thinking about a 32 or maybe as small as a 16Gb SSD to replace the drive running Windows. Few questions:
How much of a difference would this make to the speed of the computer?
Are there many stability problems?
Any drives to recommend (IDE)?
Anything else I should think about?
Thanks; Sean.
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Solid State Drives

While I know the technology is there - I didn't realise they exist as PC HD's. Having had a look at Wikipedia, this gives a good comparison.

From reading the above link, while it is faster and generally more reliable (as there are no moving parts), there are some downfalls. The main one I can see, aside from cost, is the limited write cycles - and I'd hate to think how many of those are required in a Microsoft environment.

However from what you're trying to do, I think it's a bit of an overkill. If you're just backing up personal files, then burning a couple of CD/DVD's and maybe some USB memory sticks should suffice.

It sounds to me you're more concerned with having to re-install Windows if a drive fails. I think you'd be better off looking at either another internal or external drive, which are dirt cheap nowadays and some drive image software - of which there are quite a few now.

So I would use the second drive and the image software to store the entire OS HDD image, and make more regular backups of personal files elsewhere.

That way if Windows does fail, you can restore the image and replace personal files.
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Solid State Drives

Personally I wouldn't use one for a main drive. Maybe for a XP embedded custom router/home gateway running a mini-itx board yes but not for a full blown MS system.

Incidentally, looking at your previous thread about obsessed with networking, what software did you use to draw your network?
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Solid State Drives

I used Paint shop pro to draw the network.
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Solid State Drives

Asus are about to launch a Laptop using a flash drive;