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Sharing internet connection with USB modem


Sharing internet connection with USB modem

I asked a question about this a couple of weeks ago and I have set up the 2 PC's as info from mwright. ie, (Its very simple to do without the wizard as that often makes a mess of it. Set the xp pc to have an ip of subnet set the dns to +nets. Set the 98 pc's ip to subnet set the dns to +nets and set the default gateway to

Now the Win98 PC (client) can see an Internet Gateway on the XP PC but I cannot get Internet Explorer (ver 6) to display any web sites. winipcfg shows correct IP addresses etc and I can ping web sites OK. I have loaded a new version of IE 6.

I can also sucessfully transfer files between the 2 PC's.

The only error message I get from start up is something like"user name cannot be allocated to Domain Name Server". This message appears after logging on to Microsoft Networking.

Is Windows 98 SE req'd? Any other suggestions?


Sharing internet connection with USB modem

If you can ping sites ok then the basic network is working fine. I asume you can ping like from the 98 pc?

Are both pcs set to use workgroup? You may need to logon to 98 with the same username and password as the xp pc. Windows asks any connection for this without you knowing. IEs hould be set to detect network settings.

You realy need to try some other software to work out if its IE thats is the problem or not. Any other internet software will do like ftp telnet etc. Try at the dos prompt from within windows doing ftp and see if it connects.

If it does then its a IE issue.

Sharing internet connection with USB modem

Thank you for the reply. Once I had created a new user name on 98 PC same as XP PC, Internet Explorer worked perfectly.