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Sharing folders & printer


Sharing folders & printer

Can someone advise me on how to connect my work laptop to my home PC so that I can see the shared folders on the PC as well as print to the shared printer....

I have a Netgear wireless router connected to my home PC and 2 wireless laptops (home laptop and work laptop) connected to the wireless router. A deskjet printer is connected to the home PC.

The work laptop (which I use all the time at work and is connected to the company network) has been configured in a way that it does not belong to a workgroup. It is joined to the company domain name.

The home laptop belongs to the same workgroup as the home PC so this laptop can happily look at the shared folders on the home PC as well as print on the shared deskjet printer.

Is there a way that I can get the work laptop to see the shared folders on the home PC as well as print on the shared deskjet printer.

All machines are running Windows XP Pro.
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Sharing folders & printer

Off the top of my Head, I cant think of anything wrong with this...
Just Share the Folders and Printer giving Everyone access and everything should be ok. (You may need to add anonymous to that list)

Firewalls etc may cause difficulty, but general access shouldn't be a problem.
Because you have share the folders/printers you wont need any permissions/access rights as you will have set everyone to access it..

I'd need to check my facts on this...or I'm sure someone will shoot holes in it before long..


Sharing folders & printer

You have 2 problems. 1 is the laptop using the same ip range? If you do ipconig /all on all your pc's they should all have the same range of IP and subnet. So they should all be If they are not then thats the problem If the works laptop gets it ip from dhcp and you have that at home it should pick it up ok.

The second problem is secuirty which could be firewalls etc but mostly username and password. When you connect to a pc it ask for a username and password which it takes from the username/password you log on with. So if you dont have all your shares set to everyone that could be your problem. Its dangerous to let everyone have full control.

You should be able to connect from the command line by typing

net use p: \\pcnameyourconnectingto\sharename password /user:usernameonpc

so it would be something like

net use p: \\mypc\c$ password /user admin