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Setup a PC for chinese

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Registered: 31-07-2007

Setup a PC for chinese

Can anyone give advice in setting up a PC for Chinese?

I have a chinese neighbour (speaks no English and his children are just learning), who has somehow found out that I know a little bit about PC's and seems to think that I must be an expert who can setup his PC to use Chinese (I can't make him understand that he vastly over estimates my expertise).

I have worked out what he wants to do is use a messaging program
to talk with his family in China.

I've seen his PC, a second hand 2.5Mhz machine with 10Gig Hdrive 512M ram and he has a 1MB broadband connection (and a webcam) currently running
Win 2000 Professional.

He was using some kind of messaging program (similar to Microsoft messenger), but he was getting strange characters coming from it.

I eventually worked out how to get Microsoft Pinyin editor installed but that's
as far as I got.
I'm going to suggest to him that he upgrades to Win XP as the version of Pinyin seems to be alot better.
If any of you can help with any of the following I'm sure he'd appreciate it:

1) As Win 2000 doesnt seem to have a boot to DOS, How do I remove it
before installing Win XP (There is an error message if you try to upgrade or install win XP with this still on the system).

2) I know nothing about Pinyin other than Win XP comes with a Pinyin editor
where can I find instructions in English and more importantly in Chinese on how to use the Pinyin Editor?

3) How should I setup the PC (using MS Pinyin or other) so that he can send
and receive Chinese characters with his Messenger program?

4) He seems to be able to find Chinese websites to browse which display chinese characters, but any message or dialog boxes come up in English or
gobbledygook, how do I change this to Chinese?

Any help with the above or any other suggestions on how the PC should be setup would be great.

Thanks in advance

Karl Middleton
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Setup a PC for chinese

I think what Windows Updates has support for this.
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Setup a PC for chinese

click on' view' in explorer, then select 'encoding ' then select 'more' & you will see list of scripts inc. chinese traditional & simplified, select to install, presume this will do the trick as I have not tried it myself , you will need your windows disk apparently.
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Thanks for suggestion, I'll give it a try and post the results.