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Setting up my own Usenet server ....


Setting up my own Usenet server ....


As a further point to my previous post where I wanted to run my own web, mail and ftp server using Microsoft Small Business Server 2003 - I believe it is possible to setup specific Usenet newsgroups within Microsoft Exchange and maintain them (ie. download new posts etc.) from the Usenet servers. Does anyone know if this is possible?

The reason: I am letting three kids loose on the Internet and would prefer them to have restricted access to the Usenet newsgroups - so if I can pre-select which groups are held on Exchange then they shouldnt be able to view things they ought not to.

As a secondary point, does anybody know if downloads from Plus.nets own servers count towards usage - ie. if im downloading lots of articles from newsgroups during the daytime will have a cow and throttle me back?



ps. Parental Control software on their machines is not an option I wish to pursue.