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Setting up a network


Setting up a network

Hi all,

I'm trying to setup a network and have experienced many problems (see here

Now it mentioned taht a router could solve my problems.

So I want to use a router but have no idea which one to buy & what else I need to buy, how to connect it all together etc.

If someone could kindly reply with what is needed and what we need to do ect i'd be most grateful. Current hardware I have is, 2 PC's running WinXP Pro, 2x PCI network cards 10/100, and 2 10 metre X over cables.

I was looking at this router here , would this do the job?

many thanks in advance

Setting up a network

lo,first up did you set up your network by running xp's network setup wizard? it will involve running it on the pc with the modem attached to it first,then create a floppy disc to install it on the 2nd pc next.if your wanting to install a router (best option) then are your 2 pc's fairly close together? if not then going with a wireless router might be a better option.before buying a router checkout the manufactuers website anything that they make that has a problem will be well documented on there forums,if no forum check for tech support.d-link and netgear both make good routers though it is allways best to get one with an adsl modem built into it.when running the network setup wizard for a router xp will put you into the new connection wizard after you tell it to use a home gateway as your connection,during this setup there will be a box for lan settings you will need to open it and check the box to auto detect lan settings.this should then allow you to access the router to setup its dial will also need to use 2 straight thru network cables instead of crossovers.if you are going down the wireless road you will need 2 wireless lan cards.

Setting up a network

Linksys or Cisco are the makes you will be wanting to investigate if you want a router...

or a cisco 837 ADSL router

both are availibly from ebuyer.. or check on ebay for a cheeper one Cheesy

these are the leading makes in netwoking (linksys being ownd by cisco)

you will also need Stright Through Cables, not Cross over if you intend to use a router or switch.

And thats all you will need, the network cards you have will be fine so no need to update those.