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Setting up Outlook Express


Setting up Outlook Express

I'm trying to set up Outlook Express to receive my emails on my shiny new laptop but I'm having difficulties.

I follow the directions on the customer support page but I only get as far as doing number 4 and then I only get the option to finish. I can't get any further. I have followed the directions to the letter but my emails aren't working. I've sent two testers to myself but they haven't arrived in my Inbox.

What am I doing wrong??

I'm using windows XP home.

Thanks in anticipation of any replies.

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Setting up Outlook Express

Make sure you've set up the account under Tools/ Accounts as
Incoming server POP3
Outgoing server SMTP
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Setting up Outlook Express

If you still have a problem after checking the above, please post a link to th help page you are refering to so we can see what item 4 is as well.