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Setting up GPRS connection


Setting up GPRS connection

Not sure whether this question should be here or in the "internet" section, but here goes ....

Hardware : Dell Inspiron 8600 with internal Truemobile Bluetooth card, Sony Ericsson T630 handset on T-Mobile.

I'm led to believe that I can use GPRS to establish a dialup connection to Plusnet via my T630 using Bluetooth. Can anyone give me some advice on how to go about setting this up? Is it just the same as setting up an ordinary dialup connection (i.e. same set-up procedure on the PC, same access settings)? Or is there some special tweaking required?

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Setting up GPRS connection

Setting up a mobile to act as a GPRS modem for an external device is a bit of a fiddly process, as every mobile works differently. However, did you get a CD-ROM at all with your phone? It may well have an application that installs onto your laptop, thus enabling it to do what you want.


Setting up GPRS connection

did you get a CD-ROM at all with your phone?

Dunno! I haven't actually got the phone yet, it's on order - I'm just trying to get some information together so that I'm prepared for battle when it arrives! Wink

Setting up GPRS connection

It all depends on the software and the phone, it's far from simple and it's not just like setting up a dial up connection.

Each type of phone has different GPRS setup menus, which is where you would need to start to configure the connection to Plus Net. The software may do this for though this part for you though.

It's difficult to provide information with out doing a lot of research into the phone, and the software that comes with it. Some software packages do it all for you, other's don't. It may also be that someone has written some freeware to aid in setting up the connection.

I used to connect to my last ISP via a T68, the software provided the interface between the phone and my laptop, but nothing else. I had to search out all the settings.

It can be done Cheesy , Also make sure your mobile account has a good GRPS package, you'be surprised how much data your'll download and GRPS is not cheap.