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Server upgrade.


Server upgrade.

I'm currently thinking, vaguely, about replacing/upgrading my server at home.

Currently its an old AMD 32 bit running at 1.2GHz with 256K of onboard cache.

The server has 512MB of RAM and a total of 16GB of diskspace across 3 disk drives (!!!).

Its running Suse 9.0 (which is now unsupported) on the 2.4 Kernel

So the decisions are:

Do I simply up the memory (assuming I can still get suitable cards) on the current box and replace hdb and hdc (which are 7GB and 4GB) with a much bigger disk (or two and RAID them) and carry on running on Suse 9.0

Or do I jump over to an new server running a 64bit version of a current distro and shove in a couple of GB of RAM and a couple of nice fast disks.

The main thing with the current box is that when things like GD kick in when called by Coppermine then the CPU is pretty much maxed out and if things get really busy then I see quite a bit of swap going on.
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Server upgrade.

If budget allows go with a new box Smiley

I always dislike throwing more money at an old box as you don't seem to get as much 'bang for your buck'

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Server upgrade.

Hi Steve

It depends on how much extra headroom you need to give your current server - but reading between the lines I think you've talked yourself into getting a new one any way :lol:


Server upgrade.

Having just spent £250 on one of my Saabs money isn't exactly lying around at the moment.

I think I might keep the existing box running and slowly spec up a bigger box.

One thing I am going to do is NOT install most of the packages I need from RPMS - its a complete pain trying to update anything as you can't just upgrade on thing because they build in all the dependencies. I'd love to upgrade a few things on my server but....