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SMTP on plusnet


SMTP on plusnet

I am trying to test something I am working/playing with but it requires to send out alerts as smtp email (on port 25 - but I could probably change that). I don't care about inbound email as I can ignore it - or don't even need it.
Does plusnet allow us to send email thru smtp?
I did try putting in on port 25, but that didn't work.
Anyone else know if I can do this on PN or any public SMTP server I can use?

SMTP on plusnet

All e-mail is sent using SMTP on PlusNet (unless your are running your own custom build mail systems). is the server to use. What errors do you get when attempting to use it?


Now I have two adsl accounts with plusnet (long story) last week this worked using this week it doesn't the ip address I am using is (I always drop back to ip address when I get unexpected errors just incase of dns problems).
my other account is oclni this account is ocluk... in oclni I could do telnet to the smtp server to enter the correct query command like Helo or what ever it was... today I can't do this... is there is proble with relay?
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SMTP on plusnet

What error messages do you get when you try and send mail? Do you have a firewall which is blocking the outbound connections?

If you are able to get other DNS requests e.g. through the web fine then it would be best sticking to the IP address will point to one specific server whereas the domain is load balanced across several servers.


working now

I have it working now thanks...