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SMTP mail and FINGER


SMTP mail and FINGER

Hi All,

I am experiencing problems with SMTP mail delivery. I am not sure if I am receiving all my mail, so I have issued "finger" and am getting the response:

"x messages queued", and then "connection reset by peer" shortly afterwards.

x has been anything from 1 to 89 in the past.

If I issue FINGER again, it tells me I have 0 messages queued (have they disappeared into a black hole?), and then gives "connection reset by peer" again. No messages actually download to me.

I am SURE there is nothing wrong with my config, as I have not changed anything (this was working before), and I have also tried it on 2 of my customer's installations (all different configs), and get the same response.

Now can I ask a favour? Would anyone using SMTP delivery PLEASE try the finger command, and tell me what happens with them? Thanks in advance,


SMTP mail and FINGER

Hi there,

I have just checked Autoturn and you have no mails waiting to de-queue. When you issue the finger command it should prompt Autoturn to de-queue the mail, so hence it should go to zero after the mail has come down, if your saying it reports 80 mails, then none and you do not have any new mail down, something could be a miss, please raise a ticket on your account if this is the case.


SMTP mail and FINGER

I'm just trying to throw this one out there to other people who are using smtp delivery to see if they are receiving the "connection reset by peer" message as I am.

The thing is, I have checked two other people's installations who are also using smtp delivery, and they get exactly the same message as me, so I don't understand how it can be a problem at my end.