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SATA in safely remove list?


SATA in safely remove list?


Just upgraded the cpu and mobo and see something unusual?
It has added my sata drive to the "safely remove hardware" icon in the systray, It did not do this with the old mobo and I would like to remove it as this is the main bootable drive, any idea how ?

Old mobo was GA-7VT600 with AMD XP 2600+ (Barton 333)
New Mobo GA-K8NSC-939 with AMD 64 3200 (Venice)

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SATA in safely remove list?

Normally a right click on the sys tray Icon will bring up an options box and give you the choice of removing it.

If this doesn't work then try Start -> Run -> msconfig and see if it appears under the start up or the sevices tabs. If so you can remove it from there.

SATA in safely remove list?

Unless I am mistaken I believe this is because the drive is geared towards performance mode rather than quick removal.

Easy to fix.

1. Right click My Computer and click Properties
2. Click Hardware tab
3. Click Device Manager
4. Open up the Disk Drives section on the list
5. Select the appropriate drive and click Properties
6 Click the Policies tab
7. Choose which mode you require

Although... You would obviously see better performance leaving it how it is.

There are registry hacks to remove the icon but that seems a little extreme heh Smiley

Personally I have learned to live with it, it dissapears into the idle processes section after a few mins.



Oh the reason your now seeing it is due to the Motherboard utilizing the performance mode where your old motherboard didnt have this. Because it is in performance mode you require to safely remove in Windows before you can pull the drive off safely. Whereas with quick removal you can pull it out put it in as much as you please.... Wink

SATA in safely remove list?

Thanks guys, I see now, I will leave as is ;-)

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SATA in safely remove list?

Picking up on something phearfactor said, you could right click the task bar > Properties > Customize > set it to "allways hide" for that icon.

SATA in safely remove list?

The problem with always hiding the 'Safe to remove hardware' icon means it will not be shown when it needs to be used legitimatly, such as with a usb pen drive or an iPod, or any other device which may require a final data-flush to ensure all the information has been written to it.

I have a usb infra red dongle which causes the icon to be always shown, but I just let it sit there, its small, unobtrusive and I have my taskbar set to stack the icons 3 deep anyway (it has the added advantage in XP that you see the time, day and the date)