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SAR 130, WRT54GS & zipb Help!!!!


SAR 130, WRT54GS & zipb Help!!!!

I've just bought a WRT54G to enable WDS over 2 airport express units. The network is currnetly running with

SAR130( connecting to ADSL socket & into LAN socket of WRT54g
WRT54G (
airport express units *2 on same subnet

rather than have 2 routers on the same subnet I am trying to run the SAR in ZIPB mode. After setting up the SAR and connecting it to the WRT54g WAN port The WRT54G picks up the WAN IP address by DHCP successfully. and gets the following values:

IP 81.174.x.x

I then can't reach the SAR which I would expect but I get no internet connection.
When I normally connect the mask is I tried to manually enter this into the WRT54G but it says it is illegal! In fact no mask works because my ip address and gateway seem to be on different networks. How do I resolve thisHuh