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Routing question


Routing question

I got netgeat dg834

From externaly if i type it points to my webserver..and i can access my site perfectly externaly...when i type the same site address in my LAN i get connected to my router? and cant access the site...any ideas

im on win xp pro

Routing question

This thread may explain what's going on, especially if you have a fix IP.
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Routing question

For the netgear DG834, you cannot access your site with the external address from inside your LAN. There is a quick workaround that you can use, but you'll have to edit your 'hosts' file, which can be found in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\
Open that file in notepad, and underneath everything that is already there, insert a line: -

where is the LAN IP address of your webserver. Note there must be at least one space between the IP address and the host name. If you have more than one PC on your LAN, you need to add this to the hosts file for each of them. From the LAN, links to your webserver work as they would from external access.


Routing question

cheers i got that working i have another problem

I have a separtae partition as MY documents...i made a page and linked it to the partition but cnt seem to access it..externaly i get page cannot be do i link so it points to that drive?

Routing question

you can try

<img border="0" src="file:///K:/bucktest/block/b.jpg" width="264" height="179"></p>

The problem is the webpage trys to use the file on the local pc which it wont find.

The simple way is to tell your webserver that there is a website there and then address it that way or simply move the files.

You dont say what your server is ie IIS Apache ?