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Router help.

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Registered: 03-08-2007

Router help.

I have just got a new router and I am trying to get it connected.

The router is an eTEC with 4 ports. I'm not to great on dealing with these sorts of problems but I do know alittle.

I have entered all the settings needed and still nothing. Sometimes it says connected but doesnt allow me to browse and sometimes its says limited or no connectivity.

I know this is hardly much information to work off but let me know any info I can give to help and I will do so.

Any help in anyway will be greatly appreciated.


Router help.

There are things worth looking at on that website.

Conexant chipsets are always a nightmare! Are you connecting via usb or ethernetHuh

If you have a router forget usb go straight to ethernet. However, I am assuming you are already doing this!!!

maybe your connection requires a phone number such as 0,38 or p0,38?

most I agree do not but a few do.

router probs

If you are talking broadband router it sounds like you have paired your computer and the router up, you need to open a web browser to get to the connect control panel, remember to enter your user name and password if needed. This happened to me when I went from usb to ethernet with my Mac when the system upgrade wiped out usb modems. I now use a Netgear router, which is fabulous.
Good luck.