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Router Question


Router Question

I have a DrayTek Vigor2200X that I use to connect to ISDN via Home Highway,but am hoping that my query applies to most routers.

Am I correct in assuming that there is some setting in the router that at the moment is preventing connection to IRC servers? given that i set it up straight from the box without changing anything.I read the manual but it may as well be written in some extinct language,but my gut feeling from the reading of it suggests to me that it has something to do with DMZ;and that is where I make changes,if so could someone give a clus as to what needs changing.

Thanks in advance

Ian & Linda Jordan
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Router Question

Yes you do need to forward the correct ports as the router does a Network Address Translation (NAT) which confuses IRC.
DMZ however is very insecure as it opens your whole PC to the internet.
The safer way is to find how to just forward the ports that you need from the setup information of your router.

Sorry but I dont know the exact ports needed for IRC but I'm sure someone will post here with them.
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Router Question

Have you tried posting on Draytek's own Support Forum?

Router Question

Thanks for the replies folks........ now it's time to give you something to chuckle at,after reading the DrayTek manuel and trying everything it suggested,visited the DrayTek website tried everything thing there;I finally tracked down the problem..................... my new Mac G4's inbuilt firewall,now al I have to figure out is how to allow certain things in past that,a task that I think is going to be a little tricky,unless in anyones opinion a firewall on a stand alone Mac can safley be switched off

once again thanks

Ian & linda Jordan

Router Question

I have posed this tutor on how to connect before (maybe it should be a faq).

There is no problem connecting to MIRC the only problems come when you want a run a server. For normal use port forward indent port 113. Most server dont bother but a few need this port set.

Again a point of interest on my new page there is a IRC search which lets you find anything on IRC and even puts the commands on the clip board for you.

A complete tutor to set mirc up behind a firewall tried and tested

xDSL / Cable Connection with 'SOHO' Router

Some Notes to get you past the common problems.

If you are running mIRC version below 5.7, UPGRADE to 5.9
Note 5.91 Is a script breaker


Net Connection: Single IP Address. Cable / xDSL
Interface: LINKSYS DSL/Cable Router (BEFSR41) 1.38.5
[ Netgear etc. are very similar ]
PC's: 6 (One dedicated to mIRC)
Public IP Address: Assigned to Router
PC Addresses: Statically Allocated 192.168.x.x


There are two parts to configuring mIRC for use with a NAT Firewall.
1. Configure mIRC
2. Adjust Router Configuration.

You should NEVER have to put the mIRC machine in the DMZ


Install ZoneAlarm on all windoze machines. (Free version is fine)

Install a good Virus Checker on all machines.

mIRC Setup: (ALT-O)

Client or Server.

Section: Connect - Local Info

On Connect Always get Check Local Host
Lookup Method Check Server

This should fill in the two boxes at the top with your
PUBLIC host name and IP address when you connect.
(DCC Sends will not work if this is your private address)

Section: Connect - Identd

Enable Identd Server Check
User Id Enter a Unique string
System Enter a Value e.g. Unix, Hybrid
Port Must be 113
Enable Only when Connecting Check

Section: Connect - Firewall

Do not use unless your firewall tells you how to do it.

Section: DCC

On Send Request Check Minimize
If Auto-get and file exists Check Resume

Section: DCC - Options

DCC Ports
First Set to 12340
Last Set to 12349
Note: Any range between 1024 and 65535 is good.
More than 10 ports is pointless, unless your connection T1/E1

Max remotely requested DCC sends Set to 7

Section: DCC - Folders

DCC Ignore: Set to Ignore all except
[ List box ] add *.rm *.ram etc

Section: DCC - Fserve

Max FileServers Set to 3
Max DCC gets per user Set to 1
Total Max cps Set to your maximum SEND speed

Section: DCC - Server

Enable DCC Server Check
Listen on Port 59
Listen for Check Send and Chat
Check Fserv only if you run a fserve
Perform DNS Lookup Check

Section: General

Window Buffer Set to 1000 / 2000 (Increases scroll back buffer for all windows)

Router Setup.

Host Address etc. As instructed by your ISP

PC IP addresses: Do not use DHCP.
Must assign manually.
Port forwarding will not work if you assign PC
addresses with DHCP

Port Forwarding:
Forward the following ports to the machine you run
mirc on.

59-59 TCP DCC Control Port
113-113 TCP Identd
12340-12349 TCP DCC Send Ports

Bind Sockets to (or similar) Ignore it.

This works for me.

Need more help, find be in #yclept of Dalnet

Vendor Info:
============ Port forwarding by range in firmware 1.38.5 Port forwarding by range in firmware 3.25