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Router Connection and wireless


Router Connection and wireless

Hi fellow Plus net users,

I joined plus net about a month ago and happy with the service. I had a wireless router (netgear wgr614v3) with ntl cable connection and everything was working perfectly. Now I obviously have the usb modem. It works fine but we have 2 laptops plus a ps2 that I need to connect to internet.
So I bought a ethernet modem router (usrobotics 9003). I was thinking of connecting this to the phone line. Then connecting my wireless router to the us robotics router. First of all, is this OK as a setup?

I tried to connect the router directly to my pc (without connecting the wireless in between) via ethernet cable. I can connect to router but not to internet. I checked some of the messages in this forum. First, I set everything to auto but this didn't work. Then I unticked everything in the properties of the LAN connection except TCP/IP, change the IP/DNS adress of the TCP/IP settings. I set it to, subnet, default gateway to (router default). DNS servers are and I still can connect to the router but not to internet.
I disable the dial up connection and set the LAN settings to auto detect settings in internet options in Internet Explorer.

What am I doing wrong? Help pleeeaaaseee.... :?

Router Connection and wireless

Its a bit hard to follow but If I have got it right you have a usrobotics 9003 connected to the internet? You then want to connect your old router to the new router so you can use the wireless?

The problem is adsl routers are not what I call real routers as they can only route out to the adsl port, a normal router can route to any port.

You need to set up your USRobotics router first and get it connecting to the internet with one pc. You should end up with pc setting of something like, subnet, default gateway to the default gateway is the address of the router itself.

Then set all the pc's with a static ip each one has the same settings for subnet dns and default gateway but the ip's last number must be different for each pc.
If the laptops are wireless the wireless connection needs to be the same.

Now you need to set the netgear to have an ip in the same range as the pc's and router(you may have to change one pc to get this working).

Having done that plug a cable from the netgear and the USR and it should work

Router Connection and wireless

Well what can I say, thanks a lot for the info. I got it working now. I upgraded the driver of the router and set the static IPs. I also disabled the firewalls.



Router Connection and wireless

Hi again,

I have done all these and it WAS working. I played with the settings because my PS2 won't connect to central station. It cleared the network diagnostic but then couldn't connect to the central station.
So I checked other settings like port mapping, interfaces/bridges etc. I realised that Ethernet 1 output of my usr router has ip address and a mac address. The ethernet 2 output didn't have an ip address. So I set it to It didn't make any difference.
Are these IPs the default gateway of the router for outputs eth1 and eth2 respectively?

Anyway after this, I lost the router completely.Now I can't reach it via web interface ( It just doesn't work and I can't set it up.

I tried to reset the router but this doesn't have any effect.

I have to say this router is rubbish!

I did the ipconfig/release/renew. It says it can't access DHCP server, when I set the LAN port to auto config. When I set it to manual IP ( / /, I can't ping the default gateway.

What do you think I am doing wrong? help please

Thanks a lot in advance...


Router Connection and wireless

The default gateway is the ip of the router its self as thats what does the routing.

It sound as though you have changed the address of the router and thats why you cant reach it. If it has a factory reset that should set it back to the defaults. The factory reset is sometimes hidden and you may have to get the info from the website.

Is there no other connection like a serial port?

Which router has gone wrong?

You could try downloading a free port scanner and scan your network this may pick up a ip address of the router if its been set wrong.

Router Connection and wireless


There is a serial port but I don't have a cable.

I can't access the usr 9003 router. The ping fails and I can't reset the router. It looks like when I press reset button for a while, it resets but then since I cannot access the router via, I assume it is not reset.

The same thing happened to me on Friday and it mystriously came back. I don't know!

It seems that there are a lot of people with the same or similar issues with this router. I will try to get back my money.

As you said, I had set my laptop to It was working perfectly. So I set up my wireless roueter and set it to Then I removed the setting from my laptop. It was working great. I have 2 laptops and both were set to auto settings (no IP). Then I tries to connect my PS2 to the wireless router without any static IP like in my laptops. The network diagnostic was all OK but I couldn't access the central station. So I thought I maybe should connect PS2 to my "actual" router (usr 9003). I did it and set the PS2 setting so static IP The network diag was OK but still can't access the central station. So I started to play with the bridging and oopss I lost the router since!

Anyway, I spent nearly all my weekend to this so I will check some more websites and if I can't resolve it, the router is going back.

Thanks for your help. Please let me know if you could think of a solution.



Router Connection and wireless

You could try this

Only use this procedure if you are locked out of the router and cannot access the SureConnect Utility, for a normal reset use the SureConnect Utility Tools / Restore / Restart. For example if you change the access user by mistake or forget a changed password a console reset may be necessary. This requires a Null Serial Cable connection between the router and your PC serial port. A console cable or null modem cable can be used to connect the USR9003 to your PC. One user said they had success "...using my old 56k modem serial cable with changer. My cable is a 9 pin female ( to pc serial port) to 25 pin male connected to a changer. The changer 25pin female to 9 pin male"]

Sending you the reset procedure regarding USR9003
through console port.
First of all you require Console Cable, or Null Modem Cable.
Reset procedure as follows:
Note: Make sure the power cable is plugged into the
USR9003 and the console cable is also plugged on the
back of USR9003 to the computer COM port.
Then click Start > Programs > Accessories >
Communications > Hyper Terminal.
Click Start > Run, and type hyper in the open box.
Result: Hyper Terminal screen appears.
Go to Name field, type test and click OK.
In Connect Using field select the COM1 and click OK.
Result: Port Properties field appears.
Parity: None
Bits Per Second: 9600
Stop Bits: 1
Data Bits: 8
Flow Control: None
Then click OK.
Result: The test Hyper Terminal screen will appear.
As soon as you enter into the white screen, it will appear
the settings below. If not, then press once Enter (if no
change) then hit couple of times on the Enter tab and the
below mentioned settings will appear.
Note: Allow the default configuration to load. When
prompted, type in the User name: root and press Enter.
When prompted, type in the Password: 12345 press Enter.
(the default User name is root and the default Password is

Login failed.
User name: root

* Main Menu *
* --------- *
* 1. Basic *
* 2. Advanced *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* 0. Exit *
* *
* *
* Enter Your Choice:1_ *
* *
* *
* *
************ Enter Your Choice *****************

* Basic *
* ----- *
* 1. Access Control *
* 2. Link Status *
* 3. WAN Setup *
* 4. LAN Setup *
* 5. USB Configuration *
* 6. MER Configuration *
* 7. Routing Setup *
* 8. Save & Reboot *
* 9. Erase & Reboot *
* *
* *
* *
* Esc. Previous Menu *
* *
* Enter Your Choice:9_ *
* *
* *
* *
************ Enter Your Choice *****************

* Erase & Reboot *
* -------------- *
* *
* *
* Do You Want To Erase The Saved *
* configuration and Set to Default[Y/N]? : y *
* *
* *
* Do You Want To Reboot [Y/N] ? : y *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
* *
************ Enter Your Choice ******************
Mandatory, Enter Valid Value

Value Should Be Either Of [Y/N]
************* Press Esc To Break *************

Please Wait For Few Seconds
The Modem Is Going To Reboot!...

USR DSL gatewayBootloader
Version 0.8.0 (1.2)

This software copyright 2001 Analog Devices.
This software contains decompression software written by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler

Stand alone download recovery application(0) (Build
#0)...Looks Ok
AD6489 application (USR20021029) (Build #0)...Looks Ok

Please select a system to boot. If you do not before the
expires, the default selection will be used. A "*" indicates the default selection.

1. Stand alone download recovery application(0) (Build
2. AD6489 application (USR20021029) (Build #0) *

....Using default system...

Preparing AD6489 application (USR20021029) (Build

AD6489 Security Gateway Software
Version 20021029
ipcInitialize: 0xa0009208
ipcInitDone: 0xa0009208
Waiting for WPE IPC initialize ... *... done
perfLog[] := 0x80661b50 to 0x80665b50
Starting USB PHY timer
Starting LED Timer
Creating USB Task

Interface:eth0 IPaddress:

User name:
Warning:Bridge uses eth0 IP address for stack
traffic. DHCP
Server started !!!

Turn on the router. Configuration messages appear as the
router boots up.


You can also do this into the Telnet session.
When prompted, type in the User Name and Password.
The default user name is root. The default password is
At the prompt line digit as follow:
Erase (enter)
Reboot (enter)

N.B. While rebooting the connection via Telnet will be
Now all the parameters have being reconfigured as
default, it should be accessible from the Web Configuration
You don’t need to save anything, just follow the procedure!

Important:- First of all make sure that all the cables are
unplugged, the only cable is plugged in is the power cable
of the Modem. If Modem is not responding into the
HyperTerminal session then you need to unplug the power
cord and plug it back in.

If unable to resolve the issue, try to replace the product. If
modem purshased within 30 days then you have to bring
back to the shop where you bought it form.

Download Driver Installer: http://www.usr-

Follow the directions in order to install the drivers.
Download the file to a temporary location
on your computer’s hard disk drive such as C:\temp.
Double click the autoswitch.exe file extracted in the
temporary directory and follow the on screen prompts.

Should you require further assistance from us, please feel
free to send us another message or contact us on the
following UK number +44870 8444546 or refer to the link
below for your nearest support desk where a customer
service adviser will assist you.


US Robotics Technical Support

Happy, unhappy ? tell us what you think of our technical
support :"


ethernet or usb?

Hi just thought I'd chip in as I know how frustrating this sort of thing can be.

You could actually use your old USB modem by.......

Set up your internet connection on your main pc as usual.
Hardwire the Wireless router to this pc and go to the Wireless setup screen, follow basic set instructions making sure that you select WAn connection type as DHCP server or fixed IP, with obtain IP addess automatically.
DNS is disabled. The IP info on the router can be set with the first replies settings ok.
Make sure you have your wireless option enabled. Save and reboot.

Under network connections on this first pc go into the properties of your local area connection under the "Internet Protocol TCP/IP" properties give it a static IP as previously stated by "mwright" but give the Default gateway the same value as the pc, e.g.
IP address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway - this is telling your PC to use itself (as this is what you want} to access the internet.

Enter in the Plusnet DNS Server Address' save settings and then move on to the next pc.

You then via device manager unistall the wireless card in your first pc just to make sure it does not keep any of the previous settings. reboot the PC it should'nt start harrasing you for drivers etc. as we haven't unistalled them.
It should however start asking to scan and connect to a wireless network, if the option comes up to let windows manage this connection which it finds click no.

The second pc should at this point at least be able to communicate with your first. It should under network options "say" it has a internet connection but it won't have really because you now need to follow the above steps with this connection as on the other pc except of course it will need a different IP and set the Default Gateqway to the first PC's IP as you are going to use it for the internet connection. Set the DNS servers etc again the same and save.

On the first pc ensure that you enable internet connection sharing and you should now have an internet connection on your second pc.

The only drawback of course is that your first/main pc will have to be on for the other machines to connect because the wireless router has basicaly been told to "Butt Out" of the internet connection and just manage your local network. Your main pc becomes the gateway to the internet and not an ADSL Ethernet Modem like the wireless router is expecting.

If I think of anything I've left out I'll add to this but this should do it as I have just done this myself at home for 2 pc's and a laptop. they were all on together earlier tonight whilst I was playing BF2 online with no noticable lag or increase in Ping/Delay.

Very long winded but may save you money in the long run.

Hope it helps.

Router Connection and wireless


Thanks for the advice but this will require one of my laptops to be wired.

I am sending the us robotics router back. I hate bad designed products. I will get another netgear ADSL ethernet modem and connect my wireless netgear router to that. This way, I will be able to use my wireless router.