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Router Configuration?


Router Configuration?

Hi All,

I'm new to adsl. My local exchange enabled just 10 days ago and my own connection went active 3 days ago. I went for the self install option with plusnet using my own hardware. I am using a Conexant Router ( I want to share the connection with my wife's laptop in due course) and it took me two evenings to sort out the configuration so that I could connect. Whilst I can now browse and download, I seem to be having a problem with on-line gaming. Basically, no matter what game I try, I cant get it to recognise the connection and download a list of servers. I've tried turning off firewalls etc but to no avail. What am I doing wrong? Cry :?

Router Configuration?

Most modern games, use the UDP protocol to transmit and receive data.

UDP is used because it doesn't require receipt of delivery, thus reducing the overall traffic. It does result in some lost data, but in most games, it means 1 user may jump a bit every so often.

Because of the fact no delivery receipt is required, it makes for a good DOS tool. A attacker can maximise attack strength using this protocol.

As such, most default setups, block UDP packets.

It may be that your router is not setup to allow these incoming packets.

Try disabling any built-in firewall on the router, and/or IDS system (Intrusion Detection).

Router Coniguration

Thanks for the fast response. I've looked at the user 'manual' (pamphlet!) that came with the router and it makes no mention of UDP orIDS or a built in fire wall. Neither does the configuration url. Do I assume that it doesnt have a built in firewall or am I being dense?